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Lee Li Juan
Head of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Department | Peicai Secondary School

In my capacity as Head of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), I take on a dual role in our school's pursuit of academic excellence and character development.

First and foremost, I lead the charge in seamlessly integrating technology into our educational landscape, identifying the most effective educational technology tools, and empowering our dedicated teachers with EdTech practices. Simultaneously, I spearhead the Applied Learning Programme (ALP), a critical initiative designed to ensure that our curriculum remains contemporary, relevant and impactful in today's digital era.

The dual roles involve continuous collaboration with educators, industry professionals, and experts to keep the ALP aligned with emerging trends and technological advancements. This dynamic approach ensures that our students acquire the relevant skill sets and dispositions, and benefit from the real-world applications and comprehensive understanding of their academic subjects.