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Satellite Activities (sold out)

The following Satellite Activities have been arranged for Summit participants – limited to the first 30 for each activity. To sign up, you may select the activity upon registration for the main Summit.
Build your own Sumo Robot at Dyson-SUTD Innovation Studios

Date: 1 November, Wednesday
Time: 2.30pm – 5pm
No. of Participants: 30 slots

Date: 1 November, Wednesday
Time: 2.30pm – 5pm
No. of slots: 30 pax

This workshop introduces our Engineering Product Development (EDP) pillar, anchoring it to essential product development and sustainability principles within a competitive, fun-filled theme featuring sumo robots. Each participant will conceive and construct their own sumo robot in a small team; product development will be the primary focus, ultimately engaging in friendly competition to uncover the best practices and principles. An overall winner will emerge through competition rounds.

About the Dyson-SUTD Innovation Studios
The Dyson-SUTD Innovation Studio, represents a S$1m commitment, it marks the largest ever donation to a Singapore education institution by the James Dyson Foundation – Dyson’s global charitable foundation. This donation is part of the James Dyson Foundation’s S$3m charitable contribution dedicated to advancing Singapore’s engineering education. It stands as the inaugural facility in Singapore engineered to inspire community interest in design engineering education. The studio will serve as a space where SUTD students, guided by Dyson engineers, will develop hardware and software-driven solutions to address global challenges.

VIVISTOP Kampong Eunos Creativity Studio

Date: 21 November, Tuesday
Time: 3pm – 5pm
No. of Participants: 30 slots

(postponed till further notice)
Affected registrants have been notified via email.
For assistance, please contact Vivita at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Singapore’s only community makerspace for children is finally reopening in November 2023, powered up and refreshed at Eunos.

During the site visit, the Vivita team would be sharing their journey in creating the new space, from adaptable spaces that could evolve with changing needs to building a makerspace that is both functional and inspirational. Additionally, they would also discuss their insights into cultivating a supportive culture and effective facilitation, both essential aspects in an environment in which children can truly believe “I can create”.

Join us if you are interested in learning about creating a makerspace!

About Vivita
Vivita is an organisation with a social impact mission of creating a better world through reimagining learning for children. Operating in 7 countries, Vivita nurtures children to have the confidence to envision the future and equipping them with the skills to realise it. These are critical propellants for creators, innovators and impact-makers to enact positive change. Vivita develops spaces, experiences, programs and products towards this overarching mission.

At the core of Vivita is the Vivistop Creative Studios - A space with modern creative equipment, tools and supportive community, it’s an incubator for children to develop creative skills through making.