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Hong Khai Seng
Founder & Director | Studio Dojo

Khai Seng has been devoted in the field of user experience design and design research for nearly two decades. He partnered with multinational corporations with MNCs like Dell, HSBC, Samsung, local organisations like DBS, SPH and OSIM, and also engaged with the public sector through projects with EDB, JTC, CPF, MOE and the Elections Department. Currently, Khai Seng focuses on refining design learning experiences that enhance capabilities of educators, leaders, teams and organisations. He volunteers as Vice President of the Design Business Chamber Singapore, while also contributing as a member of the Design Education Advisory Committee and Singapore Polytechnic's Media, Art and Design school advisory committee. Khai Seng, drawn by the insights of Benjamin Zander's TED talk on classical music, believes that the power of purposeful design extends across products, buildings, services, and even music, fostering a deep connection with the audience.