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Diana Mihaela Baranga-Mazhar
Co-Founder & Executive Director | UpstartED

Diana Mihaela Baranga-Mazhar is a learning experience designer, educator, and social entrepreneur. As the Executive Director of UpstartED, a Canadian education nonprofit, Diana leads the development of curricula, programs, and learning content for individuals in equity-deserving communities by applying best practices from critical participatory action research and liberatory design. She also spearheads the ongoing development of UpstartED's Changemaker Framework, a pedagogical approach that has been shown to foster an increased sense of identity, belonging, and agency among 5,000+ youth and the educators and caregivers in their lives. Having earned her Master's degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Diana believes that while not everyone is a designer by trade, innovative ideas can come from anywhere — and in fact, they should.